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The Scouts and Guides organization is a Voluntary,Non-Political, Educational Movement for young people,open to all without discrimination of origin,caste and creedin accordance with the purpose, motto, principles and methods conceived by the Founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907.There are three distinct division according to different age groupsnamely Cub-Bulbul,Scouts and Guides and Rovers and Rangers having different Motto.But the main purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical,mental,intellectual,social,emotional and spiritual potentials as individualsas responsible citizens and as members of the local,regional, national and international communities.

Scouting starts in India in the year 1909,when captain T.H.Baker established the first scout troop in Bangalore and got it registered with imperial Headquarters,London.Troops were formed in Bangalore,Calcutta,Kirkee(Pune),Simla,Madras,Jabalpur,Lonavla(Maharastra)and registered with the Imperial Headquarters during 1910-1911. In the year 1910 the first scout rally was held at Crystal Palace where a group of young and enthusiastic girl wearing Scout Uniform entered the rally site and wanted to join in the Movement.Lord Baden Powell discuss the matter with his sister Agnes Baden Powell and came to the conclusion that immediately they would start a separate group for girls.

The first Guide Company in India was started in 1911in Jabalpur(Madhya Pradesh).Rangering is the senior section of the Guide Wing of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.In India Rangering started in the year 1918.The National Headquarter,Regional Headquarter and State Headquarter organises Rover-Rangers samagam/programme from time to time.The programme of the Rangers emphasis service in the community,broadening knowledge of whatever the world has to offer,depending commitment to the values inherent in Promise,Law,developing skill,increasing self esteem and it all for fun and friendship.

Rangering is a game, a sense of belonging, a new experience, a chance to utilise leisure time in service to communit,a training to enjoy out door activity.It offers opportunities to lead and to take dicision.Rangering offers varied activities for personal development.It stimulates young people to connect themselves tightly with the Mother Earth.

The College has a unit of Scouts and Guides. For enrolment and other information regarding Scouts and Guides kindly contact the Programme Co-ordinator:

Mrs Hasna Begum Barbhuan
Department of Geography
Goalpara College, Goalpara
Contact: 9435127577

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