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The NCC of Goalpara College

The national cadet corps (NCC) is the Indian military cadet corps with its headquarters in New Delhi. It is open to school and college students on voluntary basis. The national cadet corps (NCC) in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, college and Universities

The NCC unit of Goalpara college was started since 1962 under 1 Assam Bn. with a 55 cadets and was running smoothly with active participationof the students in different events like Republic Day, Independence Day, March-past, Republic day parade in Delhi, Camps of National Level in different years till 2014. A good number of students got C- certificate and serving the country. The college was also having enough space for Drilling and Firing Ground but of the lack of a competent ANO and good condition and support from college administration 1 Assam Bn discontinued their support in our college from 2015.

The NCC of Goalpara college was again approved on 8th January 2021.At present theprincipal and CTO along with the cadets trying their best to reinstate the unit under 30Assam Bn NCC in the college for the betterment of the students, society and nation at large.

Motto of the NCC (National Cadet Corps)

Unity and discipline

Introduction the Journey of NCC

  1. Between the civilian and soldiers, NCC is a journey of creating leaders.
  2. Ranks, Medals are some decorations, confidence, Bravery are the real Creations.
  3. Punishment, Ragda are some fun, NCC is the story that makes you learn.
  4. Officers and Ustad are our teachers, Respect is what they actually teach us.
  5. Uniform, DMS, Shooting high, No gender stops you to touch the sky.
  6. Swinging hands and Stumping feet, NCC is what make you complete.
  7. Ekta, Anushashan is our key, togetherness is our strength you should agree.

Selection process of NCC

Elegible cadets are selected by a selection process and the selecting committee of Goalpara college NCC is comprises of Respected commanding officer of 30 Assam Battalion NCC Guwahati Col. Pawan kumar, Respected Principal of Goalpara college Dr. Subhash Barman and respected CTO of Goalpara College NCC MijingGwraBasumatary.

To join the NCC in Goalpara college, if a student desirous of being enrolled in the senior division should apply to the commanding officer of NCC unit ( 30 ASSAM BATTALION NCC GUWAHATI). And if a student desirous of being enrolled in the junior division, should apply to the principal of Goalpara College in the pescribed form. The students should fill up the form to join the NCC along with the medical fitness certificate in which they will be proved as they are medically and physically fit. The medical fitness certificate must approved by a competent medical officer.

Finally the documents submitted by the applicants will be verified and after verification the student will be selected as an NCC cadet.

There is a total vacancy of 100 cadets in Goalpara College NCC out of which 35 cadets are selected 2021. In 2022 another 33 cadets are selected and the remaining 29 cadets will be selected in the following year.

So, it is a tremendous opportunity to join this group through the 29 remaining vacancies in the following year.

Activities Done in Goalpara College NCC

1. ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES - The NCC provides exposure to the cadets in a wide range of activities, with a distinct emphasis on social services, discipline and adventure activities.

2. DRILL - NCC teaches us drill which improve a sense of discipline, Improve bearing, smartness in appearance also create self confidence and develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience to orders.

3. THEORY CLASS - Theory class are also taken which is conducted by the respected NCC teachers to provide us various knowledge about Map reading, Compass, Weapon training and Various about Military forces which we didn't learnt before.

4. SHOOTING PRACTICES - Shooting practices are also given in the NCC Goalpara as it is a part of NCC training .The shooting practices in Goalpara College NCC was conducted in Dakurvita field Goalpara, Assam in the presence of Respected commanding officer of 30 Assam Battalion NCC Guwahati Col. Pawan Kumar, Respected Principal of Goalpara College Dr. Subhash Barman, and Respected CTO of Goalpara College NCC MijingGwraBasumatary and other Respected officers. On that day we reached early, we helped our Respected officers in arranging the tents and cleaning the guns. The instructors taught us how to handle the guns in various position, how to load and how to fire along with it. They provided us the guns named - .22 LR ( Long rifle), 7.62mm SLR ( self loading rifle) and 5.56mm Insas rifle for shooting practice.

Students gets the opportunity to learn valuable lessons after joining the NCC and got various knowledge which they never learnt before.

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