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Language Lab

Goalpara College has a language laboratory with a capacity of 24+1 users. The facilities of the laboratory are used extensively by General English students for training as part of their first semester Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course paper titled “English Communication” which has an Oral Test component. Students are trained to develop their listening and speaking skills with special sessions that focuses on pronunciation and communication competence in English.

Language laboratory of Goalpara College is used to facilitate classroom engagement and interaction via audio-visual lessons and activities to maximize proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing of language.The lab sessions aim at developing the personality skills of the students, thereby bolstering their self-esteem and confidence and aiming towards a holistic development.Also becoming well-versed in the use of English Language with correct pronunciation,phonetic skills and understanding of accents help students gain confidence as they prepare themselves for the global workplace.

Language laboratory caters to the following objectives in the teaching learning process:

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