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Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls. There are two girl's hostels and 1 boy's hostel situated within the college campus. The Boy's Hostel can accommodate 50 boarders and the girl's hostels accommodate a total of 160 boarders. Since the numbers of seats in the hostels are limited therefore allotment of seats in hostels is made strictly on the basis of merit. The admission into the hostels will be held at the time of admission. The boarders of the hostels must abide by the rules and regulations set up for the management of the hostels. Violation of these rules shall be treated as a cause for stringent punitive action which may include expulsion from the hostels as well as from the college. Boarders are allowed to meet their visitors only on designated days and at a designated time.

Contact details:
1. Goalpara College Boysl's Hostel

Dr. Manjit Borah, Hostel Warden
Department of Physics
Goalpara College
Contact No. 8876505265

2. Goalpara College Girl's Hostel (Old)
Mrs. Aparna Choudhury, Hostel Warden
Department of Statistics
Goalpara College
Contact No. +918638028521

3. Goalpara College Girl's Hostel (New)
Mrs. Jyotsna Das, Hostel Warden
Department of Philosophy
Goalpara College
Contact No. +919957903646

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