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The Geography department of Goalpara college is equipped with a GIS (GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM) lab to learn and enhance the practical knowledge and skills in the fields of Cartography, Remote Sensing, GIS, and GPS technology. The lab opened in 2017 and was funded by RUSA. The GIS lab has 11 computers. Nine computers of GIS Lab are equipped with the latest ArcGIS 10.5 Software, two computers are equipped with Super Map Desk Pro and all the 11 computers are also equipped with open-source software like QGIS, SAGA, etc. It is also equipped with traditional and modern instruments including GPS, Dumpy Level, Flowmeter, Theodolite, Barometer, Digital Planimeter, Prismatic Compass, Plane Table Set, Tracing Tables, Satellite Imageries, Aerial Photograph, Toposheets, etc. The lab is also equipped with a high-speed internet connection. We are also planning to procure Drone and DGPS in the coming days.

Time to the time Geography department organizes certificate courses on Remote sensing and GIS for the college students, and also for the faculty members.

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